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Tips and Tricks for Project Management on Github


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Github is no longer simply hosted version control. Both Github and third parties provide many useful tools for managing the entire software development life cycle that can be leveraged by open source and closed source projects alike, in both public and private repos. This talk explores useful Github tools that go beyond version control for documentation, release processes, code review, continuous integration, project management, issue tracking, velocity estimation, and more.

Elliotte Rusty Harold Elliotte Rusty Harold

When not laboring in his secret identity of a mild-mannered software developer, Elliotte Rusty Harold lives in a secret mountaintop laboratory on a large island off the East Coast of the United States with his wife Beth and dog Thor. He’s an avid birder and insect photographer. He’s also written over twenty developer books for various publishers including Addison-Wesley, O'Reilly, Wiley, and Prentice Hall. His most recent books are Java Network Programming, 4th edition, and JavaMail API, both from O’Reilly.