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The postmodern API: gRPC on Android


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Most of mobile apps today need communicating with a server. And most of them rely on REST APIs to do so, putting aside how it’s implemented or whether it respects the REST Architecture or not. In a context of distributed and autonomous back end teams, adopting micro-services as an architectural approach, many developers have been arguing about the efficiency of loosely typed interfaces of REST.

Since 2015 when Google open sourced gRPC many of them have been using it alongside Protocol Buffers as message format instead of REST and JSON. But not all of the front end developers followed through, which made backend developers duplicate efforts to add specific endpoints in REST. In this talk we will see how Android Developers can make faster server calls, while saving battery life and data usage, by creating a gRPC client for Android.

Mahmoud Bhaya Mahmoud Bhaya

Currently stationed at Vente-Privée in Paris Suburbia, as a software engineer, where I spend time coding, failing, correcting and iterating. All while wearing pink.

I started dabbling with Android back in 2011. And It took only few side projects and a Samsung Galaxy S II to convince me into becoming a full time Android Developer.

Over the years I've had the chance to contribute to several projects varying from large codebases plagued with legacy code, to new projects started from scratch where my code will soon be called legacy.