NMV-7816 Beyond Kubernetes Tooling: new tools for cloud-native development | Devoxx

Beyond Kubernetes Tooling: new tools for cloud-native development


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We are moving to a cloud-native world. Applications are composed of disposable microservices that run in containers. They use API for logging, networking, storage and monitoring. But how have our traditional development tools adapted to this new kind of application? How easy is it to build and run a cloud native application using a desktop IDE?

Except for some Docker, Kubernetes and OpenShift tooling that automates a few basic tasks, traditional IDEs can’t help much. Building a cloud-native application today is more complicated, takes longer, and requires more privileges and resources. But it doesn’t have to be that way...

New techniques are emerging to build and run cloud applications in a simpler way. We are using these techniques to build the next generation open source cloud-native IDE - Eclipse Che. In this talk we will cover:

  • Essential Kubernetes and Serverless dev tooling
  • Pimping your inner loop experience with tools like skaffold and buildah
  • Using Kubernetes Operators to kick off new development environments
  • Integrating with existing cloud applications catalogs as OpenShift Service Catalog
Stévan Le Meur Stévan Le Meur

Stévan Le Meur is a Product Manager at Red Hat. With a background as a developer, he is driven by the belief that great applications should be built in exceptional development environments. He brings this passion to his work on the Eclipse Che IDE, where his attention to detail is put to good use in creating great developer experiences.

Mario Loriedo Mario Loriedo

Mario is a Software Engineer at Red Hat and dev lead of the Eclipse Che project.