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ES6 , ES7 , ES8: The JavaScript you need !!


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Lately we heard a lot about ES6, ES7 or ES8 (ECMAScript) JavaScript now is across multi-platform we can run it on mobile ,Desktop and on the Web , the new features of ES6 now empower many platforms and Frameworks such React and Vuejs it's so powerful and flexible. we are going to dive into those new features and discover beyond the hype of ES6 , we are going to discover the rues-ability that it's powered by ECMAScript Modules , handling asynchronous code with Promises and Async| Await , give more control over our functions and catch every missing parameter with default arguments and more control over object and Arrays with destructing .. And this are the main points of my talk:

  • An overviewe about ES6 , ES7, ES8
  • We are going to explore the new features introduced by the new JavaScript (ES6 ,ES7,ES8)
  • Examination of a real examples using ES6 features
  • Explaining the importance of using the new syntax and methods of JavaScript brought by ES6,ES7 and ES8.
  • ES6 features changes the way we write our code , how?
  • Comparing the new and the old syntax and explaining why using the new Features instead is very important for building web apps with JavaScript
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