DUM-0938 The ultimate hands-on introduction to Neo4j | Devoxx

The ultimate hands-on introduction to Neo4j

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bigd Big Data, Machine Learning, AI & Analytics

Graphs are everywhere and are a powerful getting insights out of the data itself and its connectedness.

In this session, we will introduce you to this awesome paradigm, and show you the basics of using Cypher, Neo4j’s intuitive and powerful query language companion. We will gradually deep dive into more complex graph algorithms with realistic and diverse examples.

Florent Biville Florent Biville

Software engineer at Pivotal Labs (ex Criteo), serial meetup org (Spring Meetup Paris, Hackergarten), Florent Biville strives for producing robust and great products within awesome balanced teams!

When he's got some time left, he enjoys contributing to F/OSS projects whether its own (e.g.: Liquigraph) or others.

Marouane Gazanayi Marouane Gazanayi

Marouane is a passionate developer, a continous learner, Spring Meetup Paris co-organizer and Neo4j independent trainer.

Sandrine Piriou Sandrine Piriou

Developer @Pivotal Labs