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What Drives Your Development?


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Do you practice TDD? What about BDD? What about H (Hypothesis) DD?

Did you know that SDD (Stackoverflow Driven Development) is a thing? What about Fowler Driven Development or Beer Driven Development?

I spent some time working with some colleagues on the A to Z of *DD. The result was a full alphabet of things that at least one of us had experienced during our careers. Some serious, some less so, some good, some undeniably indifferent to bad to plain stupid.

But out of all of this I wondered what should REALLY drive our development? In this lightning trip around the alphabet of absurdity I will tell you the one guiding principal that we should all stick to when deciding what should drive our development.

James Birnie James Birnie

James has worked in commercial software since the late 1990s when TDD was something you talked about but never did, pipelines were for carrying oil and Agile and Lean were words you used to describe athletes.

After working in a startup for 9 years James joined ThoughtWorks in 2015 and has never been happier. It can be interesting, frustrating, informative but above all, from time to time, it is delightful.