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Ryan Knight is Principal Solution Architect at Fauna He is a passionate technologist with extensive experience in large scale distributed systems and data pipelines. He first started Java Consulting at the Sun Java Center and has since worked at a wide variety of companies such as DataStax, LightBend, Oracle, IBM, Deloitte, Starbucks and Riot Games. He also ran his own consulting company, Grand Cloud, for a number of years. He enjoys working with clients helping them to solve their most difficult challenges. Ryan regularly speaks at conferences in the US and Abroad.

Blog: www.grandcloud.com

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Data Patterns in Cloud Native Applications


Cloud Native Architectures require each service to be loosely coupled and not share data. This makes ensuring data consistency at the data layer a difficult challenge. An entire generation of NoSQL databases advocated eventual consistency which greatly compounded the problem. A recent trend in the industry of next generation / cloud databases is bringing transactions back to the data layer.

In this presentation we will first look at the challenges of eventual consistency. And then we will look at a number of the new generation of databases and the different approaches they provide to transactions. We will also look at the different consistency models each of them provides and what data isolation levels they guarantee.