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Paul L. Anderson is an Oracle Developer Champion, Java Champion, and a member of the NetBeans Dream Team. He is the Director of Training and founding member of the Anderson Software Group, a leading provider of training courses in Java, JavaFX, Python, Go, Modern C++, and other programming languages. Paul is also the co-author of eight textbooks on software programming.

Paul has conducted Technical Sessions and Hands-on Labs at JavaOne and NetBeans Day conferences in San Francisco, Europe, and Latin America. Paul has also presented sessions at Devoxx and is the author of LiveLesson videos on JavaFX Programming and Java Reflection.

For more information about Paul, see and @paul_asgteach on Twitter.


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No Need to Panic - Concurrency in Go with Goroutines and Channels


Go programs are statically typed and compiled with support for concurrency that has been built into both the language and the runtime. A function that is launched as a goroutine is scheduled and executed on an available logical processor. A channel data type allows goroutines to synchronize and pass messages. This example-driven session shows developers how to implement concurrency techniques with goroutines and channels. You’ll learn how to create buffered and unbuffered channels, identify race conditions, and detect deadlock at run time.