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High level Skills : - Long experience in Enterprise Architecture, Business and IT Strategy and IT Management - Long practice of mobile/digital technologies, Big Data and Data Analytics and digital transformation - Deep knwoledge of Moroccan and African Market along with experience in Europe, Asia and North America - Experience in Multilanguages (Arabic, English, French, Spanish and Italian) and multicultural contexts - Practical knwoledge of multiple sectors (7 years in Telco, 6 years in Insurance, 5 years in Banking, 12 years in Public Sector) - IT and Business consulting and Project and People management skills - Highly motivated and challenge oriented - Large experience in training and teaching

Startup Startup, Innovation & Creativity

La pénurie des talents


la pénurie des talents

Startup Startup, Innovation & Creativity

Learn Innovation from Kids


Do we teach innovation to children or do we learn it from them. I believe that every innovative startup should have a kid as a mentor because : - Kids are genuine - They tend to simplify the user experience - They have creative solutions - They don't have constraints and prejudices - They focus on the main thing - If you can pitch your project to kids then you can pitch to everyone I want in this presentation to explain how we can foster innovation through learning from our children