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After getting his start in the world if super-computing, Kirk went on to the world of Java eventually becoming a Java Champion in 2006 in recognition for his work advancing the state of Java performance tuning. Since then Kirk has co-founded jClarity, a company building the next generation of performance diagnostic tooling based on JPDM, a performance diagnostic process that he developed. Additionally, he authored and delivers the original Java Performance Tuning Workshop. Kirk has written many articles and spoken at many conferences on the subject of performance tuning.


java Java Language & Server Side

Integrating Vert.x


At the beginning of this year, this session’s speakers had an interesting problem: how to take the core engine of their desktop GC analysis tooling and move it to a distributed server environment where they wanted to analyze live traffic from hundreds of JVMs. The framework they finally settled on was Vert.x, an event-driven, nonblocking framework that enabled them to neatly fracture their core engine and distribute it in a matter of a couple of weeks of effort. In this session, they share with you what it took to integrate Vert.x into Censum.

agTest DevOps, Agile, Methodology & Culture

Analyzing Application performance with Illuminate


In this tools talk I will demonstrate how Illuminate can help you with root cause analysis of performance regressions. At the core of Illuminate is a model driven by machine learning which can diagnose a wide variety of performance regressions in production environment in seconds after the first occurrence.