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Josh (@starbuxman) is the Spring Developer Advocate at Pivotal, an open-source hacker, book/video author and speaker


cldops Cloud ,Containers & Infrastructure

Google Cloud Native with Spring Boot


Spring Framework and Spring Boot made a huge stride to make it easier than ever to develop the next generation of cloud native applications. More importantly, a number of Spring projects provides cloud-vendor agnostic abstractions to developers, so that with a simple configuration switch, you are able to move your local application to run in an on-prem datacenter, or in the cloud with managed services.

Google and Pivotal partnered to develop Spring Boot starters for Google Cloud Platform. With Spring Cloud GCP, you can quickly develop cloud native applications & leverage the power of managed services.

In this lab, we'll show how to build a globally scalable microservices application with monitoring and distributed tracing using managed services. For global scale, we'll use Spanner database & Pub/Sub that spans multiple regions. Finally, we''ll get to debug and troubleshoot our applications using debugger and profiler running for the production application. We can do all of this in matter of hours by leveraging the Spring Cloud GCP project.

cldops Cloud ,Containers & Infrastructure

Going Cloud Native with Spring Cloud Azure


In this session, Pivotal and Microsoft get together to cover the best of both worlds for Cloud Native Java developers! We will show how you can use Spring Cloud Azure to implement and enhance Spring-based apps that include high scalability through Cloud Foundry, access to NoSQL data services on Azure with Spring Data, authentication and authorization mechanisms and messaging with Spring Cloud Stream, and more useful Spring Cloud modules for Azure.