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Deepu K Sasidharan is the co-lead of JHipster. He has been part of the core JHipster team from its inception and is an active contributor to the project. He currently works for XebiaLabs, a DevOps software company, as a senior full-stack product developer. Prior to that, he worked at TCS as a technical consultant focusing on innovative solutions for Airlines. He has over 8 years of experience in architecture, design & implementation of enterprise web applications and pre-sales. He is also a JavaScript and Web technology expert. When not coding, he likes to read about Astronomy and Science.


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JHipster Microservices with Spring boot 2 and Kubernetes

Deep Dive

Learn how to create a full-fledged microservice architectures with JHipster. We will create Spring Boot 2 powered microservices and use Kubernetes to deploy it to Google cloud. We will also learn how to use the a service mesh like Istio with JHipster. Learn also about JHipster Registry v3 and monitoring using the ELK stack and more.