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From Red Hat

Charles has worked on the JRuby project since 2004 and has helped make it the premier alternative Ruby and one of the most successful off-platform JVM languages in the world. He currently works for Red Hat as a Java Champion and Ruby Hero, leading the way for language implementers to make better use of the JVM.


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Dynamic Languages on the JVM: Are We There Yet?


The JVM has long been touted as a good platform for new languages. However over the years it has struggled to make dynamic languages like Ruby and Python run as fast as purpose-built runtimes. In this talk we'll explore the state of dynamic languages on the JVM. We'll examine existing technologies like invokedynamic and see how well they are working across various JVM implementations. We'll discuss some of the next generation features available for language implementers on the JVM. And finally we'll talk about the future of the JVM and what needs to happen to better support dynamic languages.