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From Samebug, Inc.

Arpad is the founder and CTO of Samebug, a debugging assistant for developers. Prior to founding Samebug he led a custom software development company for 10+ years where he developed over a hundred applications. His application portfolio includes an online customer service system, calculator and contract management for cars, financial calculators and much more for various major corporations in Hungary. This is where he got the idea for Samebug: after having to fix thousands of bugs for clients, he started working on a tool to help him fix bugs faster.


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Pivoting in practice: not as clean-cut as the books tell you


We have read the startup bibles From zero to one to The Lean startup. We built the largest collection of crashes and built an MVP that attracted 25000 visits a day. Then we started to grow our company and improve our product which had a surprising result. Our visitor numbers gradually declined. Is it time to pivot? Or persevere? Sometimes we were too agile and changed course early. Sometimes we pivoted without noticing it. This presentation shares the 3 most important lessons we've learned about pivoting in practice.